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When you are a college student, there is no worse feeling than knowing that you have gotten behind with your work. Even if you tried to plan things in the best way possible, you may have found yourself in a situation where you have more work than you have hours in the day. And when you add up the other commitments that you have, you may think that things are spiraling out of control. And it is true that unless you make some changes, you may be in a bit of trouble. But what changes can you make?

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While you are not going to get the job done right now through long term changes, you will have to think about how you manage your time. Are you taking on too many classes? Do you need to cut back on your clubs or sports teams? What can you do to get the work done on time in the future? These are questions you have to answer, as you are a student who needs to get good grades if you want your college education to mean something in the long run. If you end up with a bad GPA, it was all for nothing.

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